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The ultimate guide to healthy acquisition & retention - access now! 

What you'll learn about:

    • The seven brand experience drivers for healthy growth
    • How consumer pyschology influences behaviours along the journey
    • How to succeed at every turn – from winning new customers to winning back lapsed customers, and more deeply engaging new or established customers
    • Which categories and brands to be inspired by
We conducted a survey of 5,000 UK consumers across 50 brands spanning eight categories of subscription and digital services. We used structural equation modelling and regression analysis to calculate brand strength, and the HEART framework was born.

We then enriched the data with a significant amount of behavioural science, applying theories from professors such as Clayten Christensen, Byron Sharp, Daniel Kahneman and Nir Eyal.

This interactive eguide represents a fusion of proprietary data and behavioural science, meticulously crafted to provide you with the ultimate guide to healthy customer acquisition and retention. Access now!