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great unwokening

The Great Unwokening:  Have Hyper Femininity and Masculinity Divided a Generation?

Gen Z are known as the most progressive generation yet, who have pushed the boundaries of identity and dismantled gender norms. But they are much more traditional than they might seem — is a great unwokening is upon us?

This report will unpack this so-called generational gender wars, from the drivers accelerating it to the future trends that show us a way out.

What will you discover?

  • An understanding of the key Gen Z trends from 2024 to 2027 — from the death of the girlboss to the rise of primal masculinity
  • What’s driving young men to be more likely than Baby Boomers to believe that feminism has done more harm than good
  • Why young women are embracing their hyper-femininity, romanticising the #tradwife lifestyle and fuelling a lucrative ‘girl economy’. 
  • The insights and opportunities for brands to disrupt the so-called gender wars and create a more unified future. 

Within this culture of extremes, we will unpack the nuanced behaviours that still give us hope for the future of gender.

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